Play therapy is a critical element in helping your child cope through the distresses of hospitalisation. We want to help! Tell us what you want in your child's Play Therapy Kit so that we can put together the most effective play kit for your child. 

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Has your child or the child of a family member/friend been in hospital? Or is currently in hospital?

How old is the child?

Did you know about play therapy before visiting this website?

How often does the child visit the play area while at hospital?

How often does the child interact with a play therapist or general therapist while at hospital?

Knowing about the importance of play therapy now, are you interested in trying it? (Please refer to to find out more about play therapy.)

Which technique would be of interest to you? You can choose more than one!

How much would you pay (AUD) for a play therapy kit that included 4 items of your choice based on the above therapy techniques. The kit will also include information on how to engage your child with the kit.

Would you pay more if the kit were customisable to your child? For example, with the desensitisation technique, your child would be able to design their own gown and mask.

Thank you for your time! Head to to leave your details if you would like a Happy Pack!

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